White honey (Russian) 500g

White honey (Russian) 500g

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Honey is from the mountainous areas of Kazakhstan.

properties and benefits of this natural honey

particularly valuable to the human body. it is not only rich in vitamins, but also the micro (macro) elements, enzymes and biologically active substances than are caused by the direction of the treatment and its benefits. calms the nervous system, strengthens capillaries, has a diaphoretic and diuretic properties, is applicable in the treatment of gynecological diseases. in general – he has an excellent tonic properties.
besides its use in the prevention and treatment of many diseases confirms its relatively high enzyme activity, namely enzymes contribute to the metabolic processes of the body.

unique feature of this kind of honey – it effectively increases the sexual potency and excellent natural solution for man’s power.

it’s natural and better then Viagra and all other medicines

on this occasion, we present one of the popular recipes:
1)”how to 80-year-old again felt as 20-year-old”

need to take one part of white pure sain foin honey + one part of fresh carrot juice, all mixed and by 50g take three times a day. – you will feel your very good.

2) need to take one part of white pure sain foin honey + one part unshelled walnuts.

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  1. sureedfoods

    Its very taste and unique honey.

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