Dhakki special Date 1kg

Dhakki special Date 1kg



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Dhakki is a town near Dera Ismail khan, Khyber pakhtunkhwa which is famous for his prominent date for which the date is known as dhakki date. It is special in size, taste and aroma. A single unit is about 5 cm long, 3 cm wide and have 20 g weight. This date is exported and liked because of its taste and high quality. The date is the favorite food of our holly prophet hazrat MUHAMMAD (PBUH) and has an essential Islamic effect in our life. This fruit is full of physical and medicinal benefits.
The special dhakki date is prepared in a way that farmers cut the date bunches and hang them on cables or stands for providing the sunshine. When a unit mature it drops down on the mate and farmers collect them for us.

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