Lychee honey 500g

Lychee honey 500g



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Our lychee honey, available in limited quantities, is a tropical delight. If you’ve ever eaten Lychee you will immediately recognize the delicate flavor of that fruit when you taste this honey.

Because it is available in limited quantities we consider this honey to be a part of our “Special Reserve” line. It costs a tiny bit more than our seasonal honeys, but if you love Lychee fruit we’re sure you’ll think it’s worth it.

Lychee honey is rich in vitamins and minerals, abundant vitamin C in lychee boost the immune system, helps in wound healing and repairing. Lychee honey is proven effective in improving bone health, especially in women and children.

A product of natural beauty from inside to outside the body and nourish your skin look and feel refreshed. The balance of the body and is ideal for those who want to lose weight and energy.

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