Royal Jelly 100g

Royal Jelly 100g


100 grams


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It is pure and organic nutritious super food royal jelly used since centuries medically and physically and made by worker bees in cells of beeswax to feed queen bee and new born larvae. every bee lays 3000 eggs per day but queen bee lays 30000 eggs per day, this production of queen bee is due to this super food. It is full of protein, carbohydrate and mineral having many healthy benefits like ability of weight loss, to gain energy, to prevent different type of cancer, to increase brain function of child, to heal digestive disorders, prevent premature aging, lower blood pressure, to protect liver and during pregnancy or for pregnancy . Since honey bees are good worker but a single colony required 5 to 6 months to store 500 gram jelly by worker bees. For using, mix 100 gram royal jelly in 500 to 1000 gram honey and enjoy the treat of your taste buds. This super-food is priced at Rs 1600 for 100 grams.

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