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Behind the story”

Sureed is an Arabic dish. In the early Arab history before the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) came there, there were two main tribes in the Mecca namely Abde Manaaf and Abdu Dara. In those days Arabians were overwhelmed of many evils. However despite this they had some good virtues as well. Among these virtues one was to present services to the people who would come for pilgrimage (Haj) from far-flung areas. They used to perform this responsibility with a great zeal. All the Muslims are well aware of Hashim. Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) belonged to Banu Hashim Tribe. This tribe was very rich and honorable. Hashim was the son of And e Manaaf. Once he got the honor to serve the pilgrims (people come for pilgrimage) and was given the responsibility to provide them with water and food. To manage food on such a large scale he started an innovative way. He used to make pieces of the roties and dip them into the gravy and serve to the pilgrims. This recipe was named Sureed and afterwards it became a popular dish in the Arab. The real name of Hashim was Amru but after this recipe he was named Hashim. Hashim means ‘breaker’ or ‘splitter’. This title was given to him because he used to split the roties into pieces. Sureed, The King of all Foods: Sureed is an Arabic dish. It was titled to be The King of Foods by Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Sureed was one of the most favorite foods of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). It is well known recipe in Arab countries and also in some other areas of the world. In Pakistan it is enjoyed in Baluchistan, lower Punjab areas and some areas of K.P.K especially among Bloch tribes. In these areas it is named as ‘Sobat’ and most darling guests are feasted by it. Sureed is a symbol of unity as it is feasted in a single pot. And so on our vision is to serve the community with pure foods and to be committed with trust, dignity and property of the people.
“Mission, goals and objectives
Sureed foods. Is a pure foods company aimed for organic foods and specialities committed the value of money, dignity and trust of community. We are aimed to become a recognised brand in pure foods market to make better lives of customers partnering the cultural values and norms in cummunity. Our aim is to improve health, annual profitabilty and make better sense of life with bite or spoon.
“Eat pure be pure”